On May 31st

So, as some of you may know, a rather silly campaign designed to spread negativity about Misha Collins has been created on twitter and is due to take place tomorrow, May 31st. The perpetrators have been trying to encourage people to send hateful messages to Misha and even try to ‘get him fired’. While this campaign is doomed to fail, we still don’t want Misha to see any of the hate it may create. So instead, let’s flood him with love.

Tomorrow, May 31st, will be We Love Misha Collins Day. We are using the tag#welovemishacollins, so let’s put our twitters to good use and get it trending. Put it in any and every tweet, on- or off-topic, profound or trivial. Also, don’t forget to send beautiful 140 character-short messages to @mishacollins and, if you like, express how much we love and appreciate him on Supernatural to the @cw_network.

Finally, we really want to make this more of a celebration than a counter-movement, so go ahead and fill tumblr with Misha-related graphics, gifs, art, poetry, kale embroidery, whatever your preferred creative outlet may be. We’ll be keeping a track of the #welovemishacollins tag on Tumblr and reblogging everyone’s contributions.

Let’s have some fun and show people how much we love Misha, shall we?

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posted 2 years ago

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    I’m sad I missed that. Hope there’s another one. I
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    Let’s be real you guys- would Misha really want us to organize something so big just to shower him with love? He’s much...
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    I know it passed. But I love him anyways and it can always be We love Misha day
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    There are people that don’t love Misha Collins? .. what? Why!?
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    Oh, I wish I’d known about this, but I was out of town for the night/day. :(
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    Yes. Yes we do
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